Govt Online Check Your State Pension NIC Top Up Service Live

Published / Last Updated on 30/04/2024

The Government announced yesterday that a new 'online' Check Your State Pension and National Insurance Contributions top up service had gone live.

Up until yesterday, you could access your Personal Tax Account to check your self assessment position, your national insurance records for your whole working life and your projected state pension entitlement.  You could also check your position if you were contracted out of the additional pension known as SERPS (state earning related pension scheme) or S2P (state second pension scheme).

From now on, if you login to your perosnal tax account and you have a shortfall in national insurance contributions, the updated system will also calculate how much you can pay in to top up your NIC record to secure a full state pension.


Remember the ‘clock is ticking’ for going back to top up state pension shortfalls.

April 2025 Deadline and Topping Up NICs

You have until 5th April 2025 to be able to go back and top up any gaps or shortfalls on national insurance contributions missed between April 2006 to April 2018.  That’s an ability to go back nearly 18 years.

From 6th April 2025

You will only be able to top up NIC gaps and shortfalls for the previous 6 years.

Don’t delay, check your state pension position and how much you can top up at

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