Fraudsters Using 4 Scams Backed by Ukraine Story

Published / Last Updated on 18/03/2022

We personally have received scam emails from people pretending to be victims of the Ukraine war in the last two weeks and indeed, the BBC has covered to same topic this week as it is on the rise.

Disgustingly, there are a range of scams out there using the Ukraine crisis as a cover.

419 Scam

The old classic ‘Nigeria’ scam, known as a 419 Fraud.  You may remember, these were rampant 10-15 years ago, but we have all become wise to them.  The 419 is back now with alleged Ukrainian businessmen contacting you by email quoting significant sums of money inside Ukrainian bank accounts that are trying to get the money out to safety.  The target is to get your banking details and then bribe you, where you make an advanced payment in return for a % of £millions to be sent to you account.

Vulnerable People Scams

Scammers will already have lists of so called ‘Fools lists’ or ‘Sucker lists’ where people are contacted, in may cases by telephone, and taken on a guilt trip to donate.  This is usually people who have fallen for this before.

Direct Plea

Direct pleas for financial help from alleged victims supposedly still in Ukraine or now as refugees in save haven countries.

Fake Charity Donation

This is yet another sad, but harder to spot scam where fraudsters have created a fake Charity, usually with a fake website and collect donations.  This is yet another sickening scam given so many legitimate charities desperately needed funds.

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