Beware Parcel Delivery Service Scam

Published / Last Updated on 07/10/2020

Usually, we warn clients of banking frauds and scams, financial cowboys, rogue trading and pension transfer scams but today we have been made aware from a client there is a new parcel delivery service scam, currently circulating around London that may find its way to your door.  Royal Mail and Trading Standards are also making people aware of the same scam.

Increasingly, more and more of us are using online order and delivery services for purchases and with the risk of further localised lockdowns and movement restrictions in addition to the Christmas shopping season, the risks of falling foul of a scam are increasing.

‘Unable to Deliver’ Card

If you receive a failed delivery card through your door from a company called PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) suggesting they have tried and failed to deliver a parcel for you and that you need to contact 0906 661 1911 (a Premier Rate number), then be very careful.

If you call this premium rate or other similar premium rate numbers from a delivery service and get through to a recorded message, you may already have been charged £315 for the call.

Report the Fraud

If you do receive a card like this, Royal Mail and Trading standards suggest you call the Royal Mail Fraud Line on 0207 239 6655.  In addition, you should also visit the Crime Stoppers website to report this or any other suspected scam

Finally, we urge you to make friends, relatives and neighbours aware of this type of scam.

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