Be Careful When You BCC An Email

Published / Last Updated on 01/09/2023

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in charge of regulating data protection has issued a stark warning when businesses issue ‘blind carbon copy’ (BCC) emails when sending client data/information.

Firstly, you are sending a copy of an email with the recipient not knowing that somebody else or another department or organisation has been copied in on the same.

Data protection rules mean we wll, both companies and individuals have a legal duty to protect information that they hold about another.  The ICO warns that BCC presents a data breach sharing risk.


We understand the ICO’s stance ane we agree.  No one should be sending an email to a recipient without the recipient kwowing that it has been shared with another.  Using the viewable CC (carbon copy) field than the BCC.

Our firm never uses BCC and we urge you all whether you are a business or an indivudal handling data to only use CC when copying in another on an email.

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