Average Funeral Costs Soar to Nearly 5k

Published / Last Updated on 08/01/2020

Research by Sun Life has seen the cost of a basic funeral rise by more than 9% in a year to £4,417, burial fees have been the cause of the rise in some areas.

Regions that saw the biggest increase are:

  • 9.4% rise in Wales
  • 9.6% rise in the Midlands
  • 9.2% rise in the South East and East of England

The cost of dying including flowers and professional fees can now amount to £9,493.

A full enquiry by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) into this sector will take place as they are concerned that funeral directors find it easy to charge high prices to grieving families and families find it hard to shop around.

A Cost of a Basic funeral:

  • £2,687 funeral directors’ fees
  • £164.00 doctors fee
  • £169.00 cremation or burial fees

SunLife have been tracking funeral costs since 2004 and in the last decade they have risen by 65%.  London being the most expensive as an average funeral could cost around £5,693

Costs such as flowers, venue hire, catering and limousine hire can raise the amount even more.

Some people have opted for direct cremation where there is no service and the remains are returned to the loved ones to be scattered or kept and a ceremony arranged later.

Paying for a funeral in advance tips:

  • Do not pay for a funeral plan in cash as there is less of a record of payment.
  • Tell your family about your funeral plan and financial plans to pay for the cost on your death.
  • Ask questions so you and your family understand what is paid for and what is not covered.
  • If you move home, make sure you tell your funeral plan provider, as the cost could differ in the area you move to.

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