Average 24 Days To Hit Breadline Poverty Without Income

Published / Last Updated on 25/11/2020

Deadline to Breadline is a report that has been produced by Legal and General since 2013 and assesses the financial stability of people across the UK.

The report analyses how long people believe they could survive financially if they lost their income.

The report revealed the average household believes it could last 90 days if they lost their income and rely only on their savings. 

In reality the average household might only last 24 days, that’s a difference of 66 days and 8 days less than the findings in 2017 report.

Since Covid-19 hit is, consumers have started to address the debt, with 57% of the UK population since lockdown have realised the importance of paying off debt, rising to 65% among 25-40-year olds.

  • 66% of households have at least some level of debt with 11% of them currently managing over £10k of debt.
  • 35-44-year olds having the highest amount of debt (excluding student loans) with an average of £1,184 per household and 13% managing over £10k.
  • 1 in 3 people coped with losing their income by using their savings, whilst 1 in 5 people had no savings and 2 in 5 have less than £1,000 in savings.

The report shows protection, especially income protection is an important part of financial advice and planning.  Financial Adviser have a important role in helping their clients build financial resilience and understand if they were unable to work due to incapacity caused by an injury or illness and resulted them losing their income it wouldn’t be long before they reached their deadline.


We all need to save.  This is a habit that needs to be acquired and learned from an early age.  Financial education and good habits are difficult but you have to start somewhere.  If you need help setting up a regular savings plan then contact us.

The report revealed people need £12,207 to feel financially secure, this would take an average household 4 years to save based on what it saves each month.  Even more worrying this would take an average household 14 years to save a full year’s earnings.  The reality is that we all need income protection insurance.

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