75% of Public Do Not Know About Paying into Partner Pensions

Published / Last Updated on 24/08/2023

Research by Hargreaves Lansdown has found that 3 out of 4 consumers do not know that they can contribute to their partner’s pension or even their children’s pensions.  40% taxpayers appear to have a greater knowledge of the same but still consumer awareness overall is low.

Reason’ to pay into Partner Pensions

  • You have already maximised the amount you and your employer can pay into your pension, so it is tax efficient to get further tax relief by paying into your partner’s pension.
  • Non-earning/non-working partners can still contribute gross £3,600 pa (net payment £2,880 pa) into a pension scheme meaning free tax relief (despite having paid no tax) of £720.
  • The same £3,600 (net £2,880) with free tax relief of £720 is available for your children/grandchildren.
  • If aged children/grandchildren or partners are between ages 18 and 39, you could also pay into a Lifetime ISA up to £4,000 pa (to build up for a mortgage deposit or tax free ‘pension’ fund) with 20% (up to £1,000 pa) tax bonus added making in up to £5,000 pa.


Pension tax relief and 20% lifetime ISA bonuses are fantastic tax planning tools.  By paying into your partner’s pension when they are not working will help them build up funds as well as plugging any gaps if there not working. 

Paying into children’s and grandchildren’s pensions or lifetime ISAs gives then a head start for retirement saving or deposit raising as well as getting them into the habit of thinking about their money and saving regularly.

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