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Roberts Clark IFS Limited, 1 Stret Constantine, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1GH.  Tel 01637 838260 or contact us

In 2015 we moved our head office to Newquay.  This is now Roberts Clark IFS Limited's ( owners) administrative headquarters. (Just the bit on the left, not the whole building - we wish!).

Directors, Ashley and Joanne Roberts-Clark are husband and wife with a family business that has won over 30 National Financial Adviser Awards in the last 15 years including IFA of the Year, Online IFA of the Year and Pensions IFA of the Year, multiple times.

There's us (in the middle) picking up financial advice awards at the F.T. Financial Adviser Life and Pensions Awards from Jonathan Ross and David Gower:

IFA of teh Year Online IFA of the Year

Financial Advice NewquayPinstripes BANNED

  • We are real people just like you.  Husband, wife, hard working, two children and a dog. A sharp suit, flashy car and brief case does not make a decent financial adviser.  We dress comfortably to make sure you feel comfortable when you talk with us.

Salespeople BANNED

  • You decide what happens and when.  We are professional Chartered Financial Planners and IFAs having won 30+ National Awards including Financial Adviser of the Year, Pension Adviser of the Year and Online IFA of the Year many times in the last 16 years.

Commissions BANNED

  • You save money.  We offer fixed fee only advice, with no hidden charges. We will stop hidden commission and % adviser charges on your existing pensions and investments so that more of your hard earned money is kept by you.


  • You are in control.  We will not talk over you, we will not blind you with science, we will explain all those mystical terms in your pension, investment and tax statements in plain English.  We hate jargon when solictors, doctors, car mechanics or IT consultants talk to us, so we will never do it to you.  We will not do anything until you are totally happy.

Why us?  We care about you, you are not just a number to us:

The key word in the phrase ‘personal financial advice’ is the word ‘personal’.  Your money is a private matter.  Your best friend probably does not know how much money you have in the bank or how much you earn.  Your money is personal to you and therefore very personal to us.  We are a husband/wife, family firm and consumers just like you.  We get the same junk mail, spam texts and calls that you do.  We have children (all be it working or at university now), bills, mortgages etc just like you.  We just treat people the way we want to be treated ourselves:  We don’t spam, we don’t have pushy salespeople, we treat you fairly, talk plainly, honestly and with transparent fixed fees quoted in writing before any work starts.  You control what happens and when.  It is your money after all.  Your advice will only be given by the owners of business, Joanne and Ashley.

Chartered Financial Planners and IFAs

We are a small, professional, fee only, nil commission, firm of Chartered Financial Planners.  We have passed over 40 advanced financial, pensions, tax, law and investment examinations, the equivalent of 3-4 degrees via the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Chartered Institute of Bankers, to reach the pinnacle of our industry i.e. Chartered status under the Royal Charter.

It all sounds complex, and it was, but by doing this, we have made sure that the people of Newquay, Padstow, St Austell, Truro and Cornwall get the best financial advice with the security of knowing that we are experts.  We will keep it simple for you with no jargon and you know there is no bias as we charge set fees.  We have 50 years combined experience to specialise in a very personal service to get you the lowest charges on investments and save tax so that you keep more of your hard earned money.  We listen, we analyse and offer affordable solutions to meet all budgets that will transform your perception of your money.

Financial Advice Newquay

Normal People

No suits, unless they are wetsuits of course, even though we are middle aged now.  We prefer casual, sometimes even shorts and flip flops at work. As we said above, a sharp suit and the latest laptop does not make a decent financial adviser.  We do enjoy the odd cider and glass of wine out in Newquay, Padstow and Truro; and yes, we do get dressed up every New Year’s Eve.  We even have a dog.

30+ National Award Winners:  IFA of the Year, Online IFA of the Year, Pension IFA of the Year.  Over 30 National Awards at the FT Financial Adviser Life & Pensions Awards despite being a small fish in a big bond evidence our expertise and friendly approach.  Not bad for a husband/wife team.

Our People in Newquay  (we have other offices and staff in London and Midlands)

  • Joanne Roberts-Clark (director and adviser)
  • Ashley Roberts-Clark  (director and adviser)
  • Dawn (client support)
  • Haggis our little dog (meets and greets all clients)

Contact our financial advisers - online form or use the number below

Where are we in Newquay?  1 Stret Constantine, Newquay, TR7 1GH.  Tel 01637 838260.

The big white building with the St Piran’s Flag on top, on the new Duchy Estate, the other side of the large Tregunnel Hill car park, opposite the Fire Station, Tregunnel Hill access via Mount Wise or Gannel Rd.

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Financial Advice Newquay

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