Review Existing Pension, Investments and Policies Fees

A review of existing insurance, pension and investments schemes: charges, funds, performance, suitability and stop any hidden commissions to decide whether to keep, tweak, cancel, replace, continue or consolidate.  We review and find out 'the good, the bad and the ugly' inside your policies/plans/pensions and explain it all to you in plain English both verbally and in a full written report.

When you see this: = guidance notes/videos in the quotation form to help you complete your fee quotation.

Fees are made up of two parts to make up the total fee: Part 1 - A 'core' fixed fee element and Part 2 - A charge per policy/plan reviewed.  These are 'one off' fees with no ongoing % adviser fees paid to us and we will STOP any hidden commissions or % adviser fees being paid to previous advisers.  Up to 25% discounts apply when selecting Non Face to Face/Remote services and/or Paid Upfront.

You may prefer a complete, much wider 'holistic' wealth review covering all your financial, estate, wealth and tax needs? If so, consider Wealth Blueprint Review Services.


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