Blueprint Up To £0.5m Total Wealth Full Review

High Net Worth Clients Up To £0.5m Total Net Wealth.  A Complete Holistic Financial Planning Review "The Blueprint" - An Initial and Complete Review of Existing Insurance, Pensions, Investments, Tax, Income, Assets and Status.

We will research, report and advise on your current property, insurance, pensions, investments and insurance portfolio to include a full review of mortgages and debt (where applicable), tax reliefs, premiums you pay/paid, charges, penalties, investment returns, values, funds you are invested in and all their available funds to you with our analysis and an unbiased "BLUEPRINT" portfolio recommendation for your whole portfolio with considerations (where applicable) for tax, trusts, current and future income and savings needs, target funding, retirement income cash flow modelling, business interests, school fees/university fees, pensions, best use of tax relief, high earner issues, pensions annual allowances and taper relief, lifetime allowance, inheritance tax planning, care fees planning and any other options you wish to explore as UK RESIDENT TAXPAYERS or OVERSEAS EXPATS. 

In essence, an holistic financial plan ....  this full stage 1 blueprint will not include new investment/provider recommendations (that would be stage 2 implementation) but will include specific funds recommendations (for existing schemes) and will include generic provider and asset allocation and trust and onshore/offshore investment/pension and tax recommendations.

In short, the blueprint will give you all the technical solutions.  This puts you in an unbiased, informed position of all your options and you are then free to take our advice, adapt the advice or indeed ignore it.  You are not tied to us and are free to use us or indeed another adviser or do it yourself as you see fit.   This advice will be targeted to make or save both you and your family estate (where applicable) many thousands of pounds over the coming years. 

Financial, tax, pensions and estate planning work is complex when dealing with Higher Net Worth Individuals hence many people in your position seek a blueprint review first and but should represent excellent value for money both in the short and long term when comparing costs against the size or your wealth and indeed the improvements we may make in tax savings or other investment income and growth.  It will not include arranging any new investment or pension transfers plans suggested in a blueprint (these would be additional works further on down line) as there are many options that will need to be considered.

Please Note

  • Below £0.5m total wealth/portfolio value includes all residential and commercial property as well as any business interests these form part of your wealth, tax and estate planning.
  • This blueprint DOES NOT include implementation on any recommendations.  You are in control to then action yourself, appoint other advisers or ask us to quote for Stage 2 Implementation.  We would of course look to factor in additional discounts off our fees given works already completed (and therefore no need to duplicate again) as part of this blueprint.

Pricing / Purchase Options

1. Non Face to Face Paid Upfront
25% Discount
2. Non Face to Face Paid On Completion
15% Discount
3. Face to Face Paid Upfront
10% Discount
4. Face to Face Paid On Completion
Standard Fee

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