Advanced Life Insurance Payments

Published / Last Updated on 09/08/2017

Life and Health Insurance

Advanced Life Insurance Payments.

AVIVA is the latest firm to help people with early pay outs to bereaved families on life insurance policies to help meet the costs of funerals and other costs on death such as professional advice and probate costs.

Aviva will offer:

Up to £11,000 advanced life cover payment

Deal directly with and settle funeral costs direct with funeral directors (if required)

This exceeds Protection Distributor Group's (PDG) suggested limit asking insurers to commit to advanced payments up to £5,000.


At such a difficult time, it can only help the bereaved as well as the executors or administrators of the estate.  It will also speed up the time it takes to secure a grant of probate.  That said, it would be interesting to see how all insurers deal with policies that are held in trust?  Will they still pay out the same early or should they, as we suggest pay out the whole amount quickly, as a trust means that life insurance proceeds are outside the deceased’s estate anyway, so no grant of probate is required to pay out proceeds to the beneficiaries of a trust.