Statutory Sick Pay Rules Extended on Omicron

Published / Last Updated on 20/12/2021

With effect from 10th December 2021, the sick pay note rules have been extended as follows:

Doctor’s Note:

  • Normally required after 7 days of illness but now not required for sickness up to 28 days.  At day 29 a doctor’s sick note is required.

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

  • Normal illness rules apply i.e. SSP is payable on day 4 of illness by your employer for up to 28 weeks.
  • SSP for covid-19 illness or isolation is payable from day 1 of illness and not day 4.
  • Maximum SSP remains at £96.35 per week provided you earn more than £120 per week.

End of Sick Note Relaxation

  • This temporary extension ends on 27th January 2022 meaning the last day you can be off ill without the need for a sick note after 28 days is 26th January 2021.


This should reduce the workload for GPs enabling them to free up more time to administer vaccines and boosters.

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