Gov Gets Tougher On Pension Transfer Scams

Published / Last Updated on 08/11/2021

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published new rules that will give pension scheme trustees even greater powers in connection with blocking pension transfer scams.

Old Rules:  Pension scheme members have a statutory right (i.e. the legal right) to request and secure a pension transfer to a new pension scheme if allowed.  Existing pension scheme trustees are not allowed to block the transfer but must complete due diligence in checking that it is a legitimate scheme, but they can only issues warnings of scams and are not allowed to block a transfer.

New Rules:  Pension scheme trustees will now have the power to totally block a transfer if they fear it is a scam or if they are not sure.


Whilst this is a good move to protect consumers from scams it is perhaps also a blame game.  Guess who will be blamed and then have to pay compensation if the transfer turns out to be a scam?  Pension scheme trustees will need to be extra vigilante and complete even greater due diligence to not just protect consumers from scams but also themselves from any liability.

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