Zero Tariff Scheme Details Released if No Deal Brexit

Published / Last Updated on 13/03/2019

Zero TariffUnder a temporary scheme, 87% of imports will have zero tariffs, the government has revealed should there be a 'No Deal' Brexit.

Tariffs will still be in place for some agriculture and dairy products to protect our farming industries.

The government has listened to business owners even though the tariff verdict has shocked some of them, as there is little time to prepare for a No Deal.

In regard to the Irish border system, in the event of a No Deal, the government revealed they won’t be adding any new checks to controls or custom declarations for most goods moving from Ireland to Northern Ireland.


It makes sense as a temporary, short term measure but it a sad indictment for MPs and Europe that it has come to this to ensure smooth trade between the North and South of Ireland as well as ensuring food supplies and goods entering the UK will not be delayed.  That said, what has Europe done on the same?