Spend Your Old Pound Coins

Published / Last Updated on 03/01/2017

Spend Your Old Pound Coins.

It is time to empty your piggy banks, whiskey bottles and backs of sofas to dig out all of your old one pound coins and spend them or bank them.

The new 12 sided, bi-metal, security hologram one pound coin comes into circulation in March 2017.  It is at this point your old one pound coin will start to be phased out.  You must have spent them or exchanged them at banks by October when they cease to become legal tender.

New 2017 Royal Mint Coins

The Royal Mint will also be issuing other commemorative new coins in 2017 as follows:

  • A Jane Austen £2 coin
  • A First World War Aviation £2 coin remembers The Royal Flying Corps
  • A Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin

Why the new shape £1 coin?

There are an estimated £45m in fake £1 coins in circulation.  The new coin, new shape with two metals (like the £2 coin) and new, ground breaking, holographic security will make £1 coins much harder to fake.

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