Short Term Airbnb and Holiday Let Property Register on Way

Published / Last Updated on 30/03/2023

The government has confirmed plans that it will introduce a short-term home letting register and licencing system in England.  Scotland already has an Airbnb licence system.

The government suggests that a Short Term Let Register will allow local authorities to clamp down on unreasonable and unsociable behaviour by guests when people let out their homes via Airbnb and other short-term letting sites.


This is a good thing.  Not just making homeowners responsible for the behaviour of their guests but also reducing the impact on neighbours who are living in their home as normal.

We also suggest it is a means of monitoring the rent a room in my home market to ensure health and safety compliance by property hosts, safety of guests but also a means to ensure that taxes both local and state are paid correctly.

In fact, we believe this is the first move towards holiday home and short-term Airbnb hosts to paying from council tax and business tax rates as well as income taxes.

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