Sentenced for Multiple Fraud Cancer Insurance Claims

Published / Last Updated on 10/11/2021

A Kent woman aged 38 has been sentenced to two years prison (suspended) plus a six month electronically tagged curfew following a series of fraudulent cancer claims on life insurance policies with terminal illness cover.

Most life insurance policies offer a terminal illness benefit where benefits will be paid out if you can prove that your illness is terminal and you have less than 12 months to live.  In short, you and your loved ones receive that benefits before you die to allow for a better quality of life in your remaining months, preparation for death and funeral costs.

A 38 year old woman, Gemma Goodwin falsely claimed £130,000 and was sentenced for falsifying claims and medical records.  When the insurer approached the NHS direct for more information, Goodwin withdrew the claims.


Why do people continually make fraudulent claims?  We have worked in this industry for 30+ years and insurance companies have always been and indeed are getting ever more vigilante and successful in spotting fraud.

Don’t break the law, sooner or later you will be caught.

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