Record Switches from Equities to Cash

Published / Last Updated on 08/11/2019

UK investors have continued to switch from Equity funds to Bonds, September alone saw £1.7 billion withdrawn according to the Investment Association.

Best selling sectors in September were:

  • The IA Sterling Strategic bond with £721 million inflows
  • IA Mixed Investments 40-85% Shares with £347 million
  • IA Global Bonds with £315 million
  • IA Global Emerging Markets £270 million
  • IA Global Emerging Markets Bonds £268 million

UK funds returned positive with £351 million net inflows compared to £1.6 billion outflows in August.

In September the worst-selling IA sector was the Sterling Corporate Bond with £917 million net outflows.

UK Equity funds had been avoided since the Brexit vote with savers withdrawing almost £1.5 billion. 


There is a bubble growing in both Equities and Bonds/Fixed Interest funds and many are getting out by locking in profits now.

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