Record Pensioners On Poverty Line

Published / Last Updated on 30/11/2000

Record Pensioners On Poverty Line

According to an answer given to a backbench member of parliament, a record 822 pensions fall below the poverty line every day.  Jenny Willott, liberal democrat spokesman for work and pensions, unearthed the figures in a series of written questions.  In the reply from the Department of work and Pensions (DWP), about 700,000 of the 2.8m impoverished pensioners could be lifted above the poverty line if they were offered help and assistance in making benefits claims.

Ms Willott also discovered that the DWP has also appeared to have quietly dropped its target to increase the number of pensioners claiming pension credit, which guarantees a weekly income of £124.05 for singles and £189.35 for couples.

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