Planning Permission Rules for Short Term Lets

Published / Last Updated on 14/04/2023

The government has confirmed that laws will be introduced later this year requiring home owners letting rooms in their homes and their whole home via ‘Airbnb’ type lets to seek ‘change of use’ planning permission from local authorities before letting rooms.

The consultation launched by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities will consider planning permission alongside action for holiday lets.  The aim being that many locals are squeezed out of property markets either for buying or renting due to owners letting out properties.

It is also thought that local authorities will not be required to impose planning requirements, but a simple registration service may be required.


This is long overdue.  Why is it that Bed and Breakfast accommodation with complex with health, safety, fire action/escape audits/testing and pay business taxes but a homeowner next door, is required to do nothing and can just let out a room or their whole home without any requirements or monitoring?

We expect:

  • Council taxes to increase for 2nd homes (some councils are talking about doubling council taxes)
  • Business rates to be introduced for Holiday Homes (as they currently pay no council taxes or qualify for small business rate relief)
  • Airbnb type short term lets to be caught by some form of business rates.
  • Health, safety and fire audit requirements to be imposed on any property that has paying guests or is rented out.

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