One Week for Old Tenners

Published / Last Updated on 22/02/2018

Bank of EnglandThe deadline for spending your old £10 notes expires in just one week.

Midnight on the 28th February is that last night you can use your old £10 notes.  They cease to become legal tender and only the new polymer based £10 notes are acceptable in 7 days i.e. 1st March 2018.

There are thought to be upwards of £70m still in circulation.  Some will be in collections, some kept as keepsakes for overseas visitors, some lost or destroyed and others simply worthless if in the hands of criminals.

What can you do with your old £10 note?

Up to the 28th, you can take them into your local bank for exchange.  After this date, some banks may accept them but they do not legally have to.

The last port of call is the Bank of England itself.  You can post the old £10 notes to them for exchange or go in person to the Bank of England in central London for exchange.  There is no time limit for returning old notes to the Bank of England, all will be honoured and exchanged.