National Financial Wellbeing Plan

Published / Last Updated on 22/01/2020

The government sponsored and financial services industry financed organisation "The Money and Pensions Service" (MAPS) has introduced a 10-year financial wellbeing strategy for the UK.

Agendas for change set by MAPS are:

  • Financial foundations
  • Credit counts
  • Nation of savers
  • Future focus
  • Better debt advice

MAPS aims to work with partner organisations to help UK consumers make the most out of their money and pensions.

MAPS wants to see:

  • A rise in children and young people receiving a valued education
  • Help struggling working people save regular
  • A rise in people getting Debt Advice by 2 million over the next decade.

MAPS is aiming to also reduce the number of people using credit to pay for food and bills by 2 million.  It also want to increase numbers with 5 million more people having an understanding about their finances and how to plan for later life.

MAPS is hoping to achieve its agenda for change by 2030.

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