More UK House Price Records Broken

Published / Last Updated on 07/06/2021

According to the latest Halifax House Prices Index, May saw another record high in the average house price for the UK at £261,743.

This follows the annual house price inflation which reached its strongest level in nearly 7 years where prices have grown 9.5% annually.

All UK regions accept the North East saw a year on year house price increase last month.

Wales sae the strongest growth again up 11.9% over the past year.

North West and Yorkshire & Humber followed both with double figures, were as the South of England lagged behind.

Greater London the average prices are still 3.1% higher than last year but still an expensive place to live compared to the rest of the country. The weakness in city prices could be down to the shift in preference for properties with more space and the recent surcharges on stamp duty for non-UK residents and Brexit concerns will also have weighed on the capital’s market.


This continues to be the theme with the stamp duty holiday pushing deals up, pent up demand (from lockdown) and people demanding more living space, land or heading to the country or coast for a better life or home working.

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