Market Correction This Week

Published / Last Updated on 07/02/2018

Market CorrectionThis Week’s Market Correction: FTSE 100 is down 8% since mid-January and up only marginally at around 0.6% this morning at the time of writing.

In the Far East, most markets fell again overnight with the exception of the Japanese Nikkei, up by just 0.16% despite the marginal recovery in the US.

US markets recovered a little yesterday from Monday’s losses but for spread bets this morning, speculators are betting on a 0.7%-1.0% fall when markets open at 2.30pm (GMT).

Should you invest or not?  We do not know.  What we do know is that consensus is there will be more volatility this year, it will not be a stable year.  The risk of early interest rate rises in UK and US have pushed markets down, hence the correction this week.

It is a gamble whether to be in or be out.

So what can investors do?  Some will want to hedge their bets, choosing to ‘drip feed’ in or ‘drip feed’ out.  Others may fully invest or disinvest.

As you would expect, we cannot call it.  Get in touch if you want to take action.