Inflation Up in January on Recreation

Published / Last Updated on 18/02/2021

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS) latest figures:

The Consumer Prices Index including owner occupier’s housing costs (CPIH) 12-month inflation rate rose in January 2021 to 0.9%, which is up from December 2020 figure of 0.8%.

January’s largest contributor was recreation and culture (0.35 percentage points).

The largest downward contributors were transport, household goods, restaurants, hotels and food.

The CPIH in January 2021 did fall by 0.1% following a rise in December 2020 of 0.2% on a monthly basis.

The number of CPIH in January 2021 due to increased restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic identified 69 items as unavailable, 8.3% of the basket by weight.

The number rose from 9 in December 2020 but still 72 items were unavailable during the November 2020 lockdown.

The price collection for January 2021 collected a weight total of 88.2% of comparable coverage collected before the first lockdown which excluded item that were unavailable.

In the 12 months to January 2021 The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rose 0.7% which is up from December 2020 which was 0.6%.

A public statement on the coronavirus and the production of statistics; Measuring the data describes the situation in relation to consumer price statistics has been released by the ONS.


This is the start of things to come, inflation will steadily rise.

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