Income Protection Insurers Exclude Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 18/03/2020

Income Protection Insurers the Exeter, Cirencester Friendly and Shepherds Friendly have all added COVID-19 exclusions for new applications to their policies.

“Any self-isolation claims for new income protection policy applications submitted on or after the 16th March will not be considered” says The Exeter.

Policies that started before 12pm on 16th March will be considered where self-isolation claims have followed the NHS 111 guidelines.   Payments made will fall outside normal terms and conditions.

“All new applications that require an 8-week deferred period or less, will have standard exclusions relating to COVID-19, plus any other respiratory tract infections and also influenza” says Cirencester Friendly.

Cirencester Friendly applied the exclusion at close of business Friday 13th March 2020 and said, “It will be subject to review”.  Operations Director Shirley Fell said “The decision to apply exclusions will allow us to protect our existing customers for now and the future, the situation will be monitored and reviewed as required whilst taking advice from our chief medical officer and Public Health England.

Holloway Friendly applied their exclusion on Friday 13th March for new Income Protection policies with a one-week deferred period.

Shepherds Friendly on all new policies will have a one-week deferred period or an exclusion on the policy for COVID-19 self-isolation claims.

Self-isolation claims on existing policies taken prior to 14th March 2020 with the Mutual, will be dealt with as individual claims and subject to terms and conditions of the plan.

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