House Price Growth Flips Back To South

Published / Last Updated on 15/01/2022

Latest information from e.surv, an online Chartered Surveyor, has found that house prices growth in the North is slowing to a standstill and the south is starting to power back up.

In reversal of fortunes from the pandemic period of stamp duty holidays and people heading out of cities to rural and coastal areas, buyers are now heading back.

The report suggests that:

House price growth in most of the country is starting to fall, with the North West originally 2nd in the list for growth but now down to 8th.

House prices growth in London, East Anglia and the South East is rising whilst the rest of the country is not.

The West Midlands still has growth at 8.1% in 2021 with the South East now 2nd at 7.6% and Greater London at 7.1%.


We suggested last year that the property boom would slow and the South East would recover as we come out of the pandemic and people refocus on work and careers.

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