Home Mover Deposits Up 40 pc As Movers Up 13 pc

Published / Last Updated on 27/01/2020

Over the past 10 years the number of people moving home has only risen by 13%.  According to new Lloyds Bank, this is due to deposit costs and rising house prices.

In 2019, nationally there was 347,758 home movers a slight increase from 2009 where there were 308,300.

The average house price in 2019 was £330,984 a 70% rise from 2009’s average of £196,386.  Lloyds Bank found that home buyers are paying £134,598 more for a UK property.

This has resulted in the average deposit being nearly 40% more and home movers are now having to find a deposit of nearly £100,000 compared to £25,000 in 2009.

Home movers in London have dropped by 25% over the last 10 years and London buyers have seen next time purchases more than double from £315,707 to £641,118.  Which an average deposit of £197,000 is required. 

  • Northern Ireland and Scotland are still the most affordable areas.
  • Northern Ireland buyers saw an increase of 47% due to the average house price only rising by 15%.
  • The North West and Yorkshire and Humber buyers had increased by 34% from 31% in 2009.


This is perhaps an unfair comparison given that in 2009, house prices were disproportionately lower given the credit crunch crisis of 2008/09. 

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