HMRC Phone Scam Warning

Published / Last Updated on 24/08/2018

HMRC Telephone Message ScamYesterday, one of our team took an automated voice call message saying that they faced an investigation by HMRC as they are taking legal action and to call ‘this number’.  A recorded message is left, allegedly from HMRC, stating that HMRC is bringing a lawsuit against you and is going to sue you.

It’s a fraud.   HMRC does issue automated calls but not for something like taking legal action.  In addition, they would usually include a reference or identifier.  In any event, if in doubt or not, always, always contact HMRC (not via the message, text or email) but check online for a valid number.

  • Check with HMRC Tel:  0300 200 3310 to make sure it is not true and they are not taking action against you.
  • Report the matter to Action Fraud so that the police/fraud section can disable the number and prevent others receiving a similar call
  • Tel:  0300 123 2040  website