FCA Animatronic Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Back

Published / Last Updated on 04/04/2018

Arnold Schwarzenegger PPI Di it NowThe animatronic head of Arnold Schwarzenegger is back reminding consumers to check whether they had payment protection insurance (PPI) and make a decision about whether to make a complaint before the deadline on 29 August 2019.

In the new TV and radio advertisements, Animatronic Arnie highlights that PPI was sold alongside a vast array of products which many people may not think of such as car finance, catalogue credit, credit cards, store cards and mortgages.

The new adverts will also run on social media, video on demand and outdoor advertising including bus stops. They will run alongside some of the existing adverts which first appeared in August last year.

Since the campaign launched on 29 August 2017 the FCA has received nearly 17,000 calls to its helpline and nearly 900,000 people have visited its campaign website.

People who wish to discuss whether to complain about PPI can call the FCA’s helpline on 0800 101 8800 or visit the FCA’s website www.fca.org.uk/ppi for more information.


The deadline is fast approaching and many people have seen hundreds, if not thousands of advertisements over the last few years in connection with mis-sold policies.  We are not so sure this is an efficient use of funds and perhaps could be put to better use such as financial education in schools or indeed funding ‘financial aid’ and free financial guidance to lower income households.