Eviction Ban Landlords May Exit Property Market

Published / Last Updated on 08/06/2020

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has expressed concern as the Government has decided to extend the evictions ban for landlords until August 2020.

The NRLA fears it could impact the rental market and cause landlords to leave the property rental market.

The decision to extend the ban to evicit tenants until August 2020 for England and Wales was announced last week by the Government and includes homeowners, commercial and leasehold property owners.

NRLA chief execuitve Ben Beadle commented: “Landlords will now face 5 months without any rental payments and unable to take action against their tenants, there are many landlords that will receive no assistance and depend rents as an income”.

He continued to say: “Plans need to be set for the rental market at the end of this extension to prevent serious damage”.

The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has previously suggested there could be 2.6 million private renters at risk of eviction and possibly being made homeless, hence the Government action.

The Government has stressed that landlords and tenants must work together in finding a resolution to suit both parties.


These are difficult times for us all and landlords should work with their tenants but it works both ways.  If a tenant has been furloughed and is on 80% pay then there is no reason why they should not pay at least 80% of their rent.  Equally, if a landlord has requested a mortgage holiday on a buy to let mortgage then they should also allow their tenant to take a rent holiday if needed.

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