Eviction Ban Extended But No State Money Help

Published / Last Updated on 09/03/2021

The Government has announced that the eviction ban is to be extended again until 31st May.

Residential tenants will only be removed from their homes in serious circumstances such as domestic abuse or incidents of fraud.

Previously landlords could provide tenants with 6 months notice after the 31st march, this has now been extended until at least 31st May.  These measures are being kept under review in line with the latest public health advice.

Both National Residential Landlords Association (NLRA) and StepChange are asking for a financial package from the government to help landlords caught with rent defaults and no means right now to take action. 

Scotland’s government has announced this week they will extend support for landlords and tenants and includes a package with interest-free loans.


We appreciate that renters are amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic with many struggling with rents due and this gives tenants hope to get back to normal when restrictions are lifted in June.  It is a double whammy to prevent homelessness, housing insecurity and long-term debt but landlords cannot carry the whole burden.

There is nothing to help landlords or tenants financially and an urgent financial package including interest free government guaranteed loans to help tenants pay off rent arears accrued since 2020 is needed. 

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