Equity Release Rates Rise As Lenders Exit

Published / Last Updated on 04/05/2020

According to Moneyfacts.co.uk.  Equity release lenders have reduced their products resulted raised rates on selected deals during April 2020.

In March equity release rates were on average 4.20%pa now they stand at 4.34% pa.

In April there were 423 equity release deals and now down to 357 in May.

The reduction in availability isin mostly down to one or two lenders who have cut options by 80 products although, there appears to have been no change on maximum loan to values offered.


Supply and demand.  If supply is short, prices rise, that is one law of ecomonics and is playing out through equity release availaibility and rates. 

That said, equity release lenders are still offering a large choice of deals and compeition will win through This will all depend upon property markets and coronavirus progress.  Poperty prices may fall and some lenders may be going defensive to protect against this although long term markets will recover.


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