Company Car Fuel Rates Cut From Monday

Published / Last Updated on 28/05/2020

HMRC has confirmed that with effect from Monday 1st June 2020, company car fuel rates are being reduced until further notice.  This is due to the global fall in oil and petrol prices.

Company car fuel rates are used where an employee with a company car pays for all fuel and then reclaims any business mileage.

Reimbursement Rates per mile from 1st June 2020 (in brackets rates from 1st March 2020)


  • 1,400 cc or less - 10p (was 12p)
  • 1,401cc to 2,000cc - 12p (was 14p)
  • Over 2,000cc - 17p (was 20p)


  • 1,400 cc or less - 6p (was 8p)
  • 1,401cc to 2,000cc - 8p (was 10p)
  • Over 2,000cc - 11p (was 14p)


  • 1,600cc or less - 8p (was 9p)
  • 1,601cc to 2,000cc - 9p (was 11p)
  • Over 2,000cc - 12p (was 13p)

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