Boost for Low Paid on Exclusivity Clauses

Published / Last Updated on 12/05/2022

The Government has confirmed it is going to widen the criteria for lower paid workers not being restricted in working for others by exclusivity clauses.

Many employers have exclusivity clauses to prevent employees working for others, including competitors or even taking on jobs with unsociable hours that may impact on the quality of work delivered to the first employer.

Rishi Sunak confirmed on BBC Breakfast news that workers earning less than £123 per week will be alllowed to tak on 2nd jobs.


This will help people on low pay or low hours or those were seasonal work means that you have full time work in the summer but hardly any work in the winter or indeed weekly hours cut from say 30 hours a week in season to 10-15 hours per week out of season.

Our head office is based in the surf and holiday ‘mecca’ of Newquay, Cornwall.  With increased costs of living, rents and food, we see it regularly in winter season, where some friends or clients cannot even afford to pay their rent, let alone live during the winter season and end up claming benefits.

By removing exclusivity clauses, this will hopefully mean more people able to take on a 2nd job and less of a burden on the benefits system.

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