25% Have Missed Mortgage Payments Due to Illness or Injury

Published / Last Updated on 23/03/2021

According to research from MetLife UK, 26% of homeowners have missed a mortgage payment and 14% (1 in 7) say they have missed a payment more than once.

Of the people that responded 34% said they had taken 4 or more weeks off due to illness or an accident and almost 47% (Half) say they required financial support to help them meet their mortgage repayments.

  • 61% (3 in 5) took 4 or more weeks off to care for themselves
  • 19% cared for a partner
  • 19% cared for a family member.
  • 17% took time off to care for their child or children
  • 47% found the respondents didn’t have any mortgage protection in place, although:
  • 43% said they are concerned an=bout making mortgage payments and
  • 40% said they have no savings to fall back on.

14% (1 in 7) regretted not having mortgage protection in place.  Contact us to discuss you insurance protection needs.

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