1m Pounds Free Silver Thrupenny Bit Coin Giveaway

Published / Last Updated on 05/11/2019

One of Britain’s longest serving coins which had been in circulation since the reign of Edward VI in 1551, is being given away for free by the London Mint.

120,000 George V (grandfather to the Queen) silver, threepenny coins which date back to 1911 will be handed out for free by the London Mint as an encouragement to people to start coin collecting.

The coin collecting campaign is being fronted by Tony Robinson (Time Team, Blackadder), which hopes to encourage younger generations to start coin collections. 

Robinson said: “It is important for families to find a hobby together that can create quality time,” and added: ”There’s something beautiful about having a tangible item that connects us to the wider world, especially in an age where we spend most of our time connecting online.

The giveaway is worth more than £1million in total as a Georbe V sillver threepenny coin is usually available to buy for around £8.50.  There is a post and packing cost at £2.50.

Claim your free Silver Threepenny Bit at https://www.londonmintoffice.org/freegeorgevsilverthreepence

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