Travel Insurance During and After Coronavirus

Published / Last Updated on 16/06/2020

The Foreign Office has issued a waning advising us only to travel abroad if essential but also to be careful with travel insurance policies not all covering trips abroad during the pandemic.

New Policies

Any holidaymakers that cancelled their break this summer due to them having to self-isolate will unlikely be covered by new travel insurance policies and any one that had been in contact with coronavirus cases will struggle to claim via their insurance.

Existing and Annual Policies

New or re-newed travel insurance policies bought before the outbreak may be in a better position but you should still check your cover.

Covid Trials

People that have been involved in clincial trails for a covid-19 vaccine will likely see existing travel cover invalidated for taking part in trials.

Your travel rights and holiday cancellation refunds

The Government have said it is a “civic-duty” that you must isolate for 14 days after being notified of any contact with someone who has had the virus via the new track and trace system operating in the UK and this could lead to delaying or cancelling your holiday.  Most insurers will refund your premiums or postpone cover until you are able to travel.  That said, no all travel insurers are based in the UK.

In summary

  • Travellers buying travel insurance now are unlikely to be covered for any coronavirus-related delays or cancellations
  • Policy renewals of annual policies may now be unavailable or have coronavirus exclusions.  i.e. reduced cover or a change in terms.
  • Travel policies that were bought or renewed before or around early March, you may still be able to make a claim for such a cancellation, check your policy first.

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