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We already offer fantastic savings with discounts of between 10% and 25% off our standard 'face to face' fees for most services but sometimes we also offer Special Promotional Discounts on some goods and services.  If you have an additional Discount/Voucher Code for a promotional offer, please enter it here for even greater savings.

How Are Our Fees To Be Paid? Check Box Option(s)

By default 'DIRECT FEE/INVOICE' (Upfront or On Completion) is the only payment option but a second option 'FEES PAID FROM POLICY' (On Completion) may be available if not 'disabled/grey/faded out' for some products and services.  You still need to select/check the box to positively confirm your choice even if there is only the 'Direct Fee' payment option to then allow you to calculate fee options. Please select 'Direct Fee' or (if available) 'Fees Paid From Policy'.

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