Roberts Clark Accepted in FCA Advice Unit Part of Innovate Strategy & Competition Division

Published / Last Updated on 23/01/2019

Flexible Pension AnnuityWe are delighted to confirm that Roberts Clark IFS Ltd, owners of this website, has been accepted in the FCA’s Advice Unit – Part of Innovate: Strategy & Competition Division.

Anna Wallace, Head of Innovate, announced the most recent Advice Unit firms, including ourselves, in her keynote speech on automated advice and guidance at the Robo-Investing Europe conference on 1st February 2018.  

As Roberts Clark was mentioned as part of this announcement, we are now permitted under our FCA agreement to go public with this information.

Robo adviser update:

  • Our automated 'Advice' Engine:  is now built.
  • Our client databases: are now built.
  • Our front and back end interactive functionality:  is now built.
  • Our algorithim engine: is now built.

We are currently working on:

  • Merge coding all four of the above to deliver 'Robo Advice'.
  • The parameters of the advice process with the regulator, the ombudsman and behaviourial science technicians.
  • Our advice fees, quotations and workflow engines: are nearly complete.

To come:

  • Cosmetic:  Make it 'prettier'.  Making it easier for clients to use and interact with.
  • Selecting and 'plugging in' preferred investment account, ISA and pension provider platforms.