Pension Annuity Advice Fees

After age 55 you have the option of releasing lump sums from your pension, taking an income in the form of an annuity or withdrawing funds using flexible pension drawdown options.  This section deals with secure, fixed or increasing income for life (with the choice to take lump sums at the same) known as annuities or open market options.

When you see this: = guidance notes/videos in the quotation form to help you complete your fee quotation.

If you wish to release lump sums only and/or to withdraw as much or as little income from your pension fund when you require it with any balance remaining invested inside the pension fund to hopefully grow for regular or ad hoc withdrawals in the future and/or if you pass away, you want of the fund balance to be inherited by loved ones, you may wish to consider Flexible Drawdown Department.

Good or Clean Health = Standard AnnuitiesPoorer Health or Smoker or Medical Conditions = Enhanced Annuities.


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