New Plastic 20 Pound Note Out Today

Published / Last Updated on 20/02/2020

The UK's new plastic/polymer £20 was released today.  The reverse shows the face of artist JMW Turner.

To prevent forgeries, the polymer note also has a 2-colour foil and 2 see through windows. 

The new note has a large see-through window with a blue and gold foil showing Margate lighthouse and JMW Turner.  When the note is tilted between the 20 and £ a metallic hologram changes.    A purple foil patch with the letter T and based on the staircase at Tate Britain.

The note replaces the old £20.00 and will be in half of all ATMS in about 2 weeks’ time, you will be able to still use any old £20.00 for the next 6 months.


Ant-forgery measures are of course a good thing in addition to rootimg out any 'black market' money.

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