Credit History Impact If Further Mortgage Holiday Help Needed

Published / Last Updated on 29/08/2020

Firms have been asked by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to provide tailored support to mortgage borrowers that due to the impact of covid-19 continue to have difficulties meeting their loan repayments. 

If borrowers require further support from lenders for the first time or at the end of their payment holiday, their credit files will reflect this and this will help lenders build an accurate picture of consumers financial circumstances and reduced the risk of unaffordable lending.

The FCA’s current guidance is expected to end 31st October 2020, states borrowers credit files will not have a negative impact if they take a 1st or 2nd payment deferral.

The FCA is asking firms to offer suitable short term arrangements for borrowers to allow them to get back on track and provide if needed further short term support and keep in touch with their customers and work with them to tailor make plans for the future.  Borrowers should be given further support in managing their finances through self-help and money guidance also being referred to debt advice services should that ne necessary.


This is a tough one.  We believe it should be taken into account if you employer furloughs you for longer or indeed you are made redundant.  There should at least be a 'covid-19' flag if you need further mortgage help through no fault of your own.

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