Pet Insurers Now Covering 'Return To Work' Lonely Dogs Therapy

Published / Last Updated on 05/10/2021

According to a report today on the BBC website, pet insurers have extended their insurance cover to cover therapy for dogs that are stressed and suffer ‘separation anxiety’ as people return to work or indeed are trying to rehouse their dogs on returning to work.

Separation anxiety is common among many dogs breeds and cross-breeds anyway.   For example, the directors of this website have a ‘cavapoo’ and they are renowned for their separation anxiety gained from the poodle in their genetic make up.  The directors knew this before having a dog and whilst the dog is trained, happy, active and friendly, he still does not like being left alone, so the directors waited for 17 years in business before they were in a position to have a dog and also take him to work everyday.

  • Of the estimated 12 million pet dogs in the UK, 3m were taken as puppies for company during the pandemic lockdown.
  • The report suggests that 40% on insurers will now cover this type of therapy but they will not cover all and you need to be specific about your reasons for claiming.

For example:  If you have failed to train and ‘socialise’ your pet properly, then this is your own fault and not covered by insurance.


We are a little upset by this story as pet lovers.  A pet is for life not just for Christmas or a pandemic.  If you had a dog during the pandemic and now wish to give it away for no good reason then ‘hang your head in shame’.  You relied on the puppy when company was needed, it is now your time to take care of your special friend now they need you.

That said, we fully appreciate there will be people that are victims of covid-19 or Brexit or indeed losing their home due to mortgage problems, rent arrears, age or health issues.  If your position has changed meaning you must lose your furry friend then we do genuinely sympathise.  We also hope the added benefit of the extra insurance cover does help our distressed furry friends and owners alike.

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