FTSE Falls 3.5% on Forecast 50,000 Daily Infections & Lockdown 2

Published / Last Updated on 21/09/2020

FTSE 100 has fallen over 3.5% as the daily Covid-19 infections rise and fears that another lockdown is imminent with teh government's scientific adviser suggeting there could be 50,000 new infections per day with internevtion prompting fears of a 2nd lockdown.

Travel, hospitality and bank stocks where the worst hit as the UK's blue-chip index fell 3.6% or over 200 points to below 5,800 today.

In addition, HSBC and other bankers suffer allegations of moving large amounts of illicit funds over nearly 2 decades.  Some media reports suggest that it is mainly 5 global banks that have been allegedly moving over $2trillion illeagally as part of an alledged money laundering activity report showing 2,100 internal transactions and 2,657 leaked documents.

Shares in HSBC as well as Barclays, Lloyds, Natwest and many others tumbled.  This is not neccessarily their UK operations, but operations globally that could come back to haunt.


What a day!  50,000 new infections a day by the end of October with no action, bank fraud and more.  No wonder we are all fed up but is this an investment opportunity?


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