Financial Advice on Emigration

Published / Last Updated on 17/06/2015


Financial Advice on Emigration from the Financial Adviser of the Year

Emigration issues when leaving the UK (or emigration back into the UK):

  • Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs on emigration
  • State Pension Protection and Voluntary National Insurance Contributions on emigration
  • Establish Non-UK Resident and non-UK Ordinarily Resident status after emigration (repercussions for capital gains taxes if return to UK)
  • Losing UK Domicile after emigration (repercussions for UK Inheritance Tax even though you no longer live in UK)
  • Existing Pensions, Investments and ISAs after emigration
  • Offshore Bank Accounts before emigration
  • Offshore Pension and Investments before emigration
  • Consider Trusts before emigration
  • UK Tax Returns & Property Accounts Tax Year if renting UK property after emigration
  • Non-Resident Landlords Scheme on emigration
  • UK Wills for your UK assets remaining on emigration
  • Tax, Tax Codes, State Pension and National Insurance Contributions when returning i.e.  emigration back to UK.


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