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Published / Last Updated on 27/11/2014

A short video about financialadvice.net, who are we and how we work.  Award winning advisers that treat people how we would want to be treated ourselves.


“Hello there this video is to offer you an introduction to my firm.  You are on our websites FinancialAdvice.net.  We are FCA authorised independent financial advisers and were also individually chartered financial planners.

So who is? Who are FinancialAdvice.net? FinancialAdvice.net is the website of mine and my wife's limited company Roberts Clark Independent Financial Solutions Ltd.  So we are a private firm, we are a family firm, husband-and-wife owned.  We started our business in the year 2000 and so we been trading for quite a number of years now.

The reason we started this business is: my background was I worked for a number of large insurance and pension and investment companies, where I actually finished up as a regional pensions manager for Legal and General and then my wife's background is she worked for a number of large investment firms particularly working on the legal, tax and trusts side of investments and finance planning.

[And] the reason we started this business is because we don't like the way the finance industry works.  The finance industry is essentially a “the more you sell the more you get paid” or “the bigger the investment that you do the more you can charge” etc.  Rather than what we do is we believe your life savings, your investment, your tax, your inheritance tax, your money, your pensions etc.  those are very private, very personal matters that are hard earned.

It’s hard earned money and what we look to deliver thing you, our clients, is we treat you the same way that we want to be treated when we buy goods and services.  So we offer first consultation no charge where we will talk through your needs and requirements.  We will then offer you any fees for any work that potentially needs to be done, we’ll confirm that in writing to you.  We confirm that in writing by email and then in the post, confirming exactly what our fees before any work is done.  So you know that there are no hidden costs or anything like that.

We quote upfront set fees and that’s because, you know ….  we are consumers as well and we want to treat you the way, you know, the way that we want to be treated when we buy goods and services out there.

So in simplistic terms, a small family firm, we have two offices.  Personally we are based in London, in south-west London with a small ‘shoebox’ of an office in Richmond and then my head office, where all of my administration team are based, that is up in the Midlands.  Just outside Lichfield in Staffordshire and the reason we were we bought those offices up there, the reason we've done that, is because, well, it would have cost us a fortune to have our admin headquarters, our admin centre in the in the centre of Richmond.  So we reflect that in terms of our fees and costs, we’re not charging London rates or having to pay for a huge London offices when our office infrastructure is cheaper in the Midlands.

So two offices, one in the Midlands, one in south-west London.  We’re independent financial advisers and chartered financial planners, with quote set, fixed fees, we offer you an ongoing advisory service if you want, that's called out money MOT service.

[And] if you've done some research on our websites already you have seen that with one quite a few awards over the last 10 or 15 years or so.  We’re a good firm and I know you'd expect me to say that but we’re a good firm because we leave no stone unturned, we treat your money as if it was our money, we treat you as a client as if you what my mum or something like that where it's “right let's get this right, let's make sure our clients are looked after” because if we look after you, as our client then

1.  You’ll pay your fee and
2.  You’ll tell your friends of actors

and it's a simple as that.  So hopefully that gives you a nice little introduction into who is? Who owns FinancialAdvice.net? Who is Roberts Clark I FS Ltd? I'm Ashley Clark and my wife and co-director is Joanne Roberts and that's where the Roberts Clark comes from.

First consultation no charge, do contact us, do book a callback via our online diary and we’ll call you back, no obligation to talk through what your needs and requirements are.  Thanks very much for watching.”

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