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Traffic Light Investment AlertTraffic Light Investment Alerts (VIDEOS: 1. Traffic Light Investment Alerts - Explained, 2.  Why we use FTSE 100 as a Benchmark.  LEARN:  Find out about our Money MOT Service and Traffic Light Investment Alerts)

Traffic Light Investment Status:  Amber

18/03/17 - FTSE 100 opened this week at 7,343 and closed at a record high 7,424.  As expected, US interest rates rose and UK rates were frozen yet again meaning that the pound weakened against the dollar even further.  As a result FTSE 100 (companies earning profits overseas and converting to a weak pound meaning more profits) went up.  We have repeatedly suggested that we missed the rise post Brexit and are sitting tight waiting for a correction, which will come eventually.

Do you want to get back into stock markets?  Some clients are cash parked and therefore, this week the theme is where are the growth areas? How can you get back into the market for growth but limit the downside of risk re Brexit?  Three videos this week are designed for people who would like to go back into markets and how to profit if you are investing when markets are high yet may fall. 

We remain cash parked.

Our Sector Indicator

  • UK AMBER – cash parked                                                                                          
  • Europe AMBER – cash parked
  • North America AMBER – cash parked
  • Japan AMBER – cash parked
  • Far East/Asia (excl. Japan)  AMBER – cash parked
  • Emerging Markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China et al)  AMBER (but we are still buying China each month)
  • Index Linked (Gilts/Bonds)  AMBER – cash parked
  • Fixed Interest Gilts/Bonds/Corporate Bonds)  AMBER – cash parked
  • Commercial Property AMBER – cash parked
  • Money Markets/Cash  GREEN.

Sentiment List: What do larger fund managers think?   Average fund manager sentiment is neutral for most markets with the exception of Europe and Japan.  We pulled out of Japan in Janaury having locked out with gains and continue to invest in China.

What Should I Do?  If you wish to switch funds:

  • For Gold clients who not want mid-term advice, we will action your specific switch instructions at no charge.
  • For Gold clients who want mid-term advice on which funds to switch to/from, there is a charge (£50 + VAT per policy, capped at £200+VAT).
  • For Platinum clients we will review your funds and suggest switches at no additional charge.

Firstly, check your last report from us to see if there is/was any Far East/Emerging market recommendations for when we go Green.

Want advice? Platinum Clients No Charge.  Other Clients, mid-term advice £50+VAT charge per policy.

DIY: Log in to your investments/telephone the provider direct to instruct any fund switches.

Email us:  Check your last report and send us an email with your instruction.

All Too Complex but do not want to pay for “mid-term” advice from us, consider emailing the following text:

“Dear Ashley/Joanne

I instruct you to check my funds invested and switch all funds with 50% or more exposure in Japan to the default “cash park” fund.”

WARNING:  NO ADVICE GIVEN OR DEEMED TO BE GIVEN:  WE CANNOT ADVISE WHEN A GOOD TIME TO INVEST OR NOT IS – INVESTMENT ALERTS ARE ISSUED FOR INFORMATION ONLY ON OUR OWN PERSONAL VIEWS OF THE MARKETS.  Please do not ask us for advice on what to do – if we knew exactly what will happen with markets, we would be billionaires.  This alert service is purely for information to let you know when we personally invest our own money in/out of markets.

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