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Personal Financial Advice:

The keyword to us in the phrase "Personal Financial Planning" is the word "Personal".  We have kept our business small, friendly and approachable for a reason.

You are not just a number to us ....

Big is definitely not beautiful.  Just look at how the bailed out banks, that we all ended up paying for, still treat us all and what bonuses they are still declaring.

We are consumers too and we treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves when we buy goods and services.

Husband and wife team: Joanne Roberts and Ashley ClarkWe are a small, well run, multi-award winning independent financial adviser (IFA).  A husband and wife owned family firm that deals with clients all over the UK and the World, whether rich or poor, everyday.  That's us in the photo:  Ashley Clark and Joanne Roberts and our firm is called Roberts Clark IFS Limited.  Whether you are in the UK or a British expat overseas, we can help you.

Personal Service: 

Our motto:  Take care of our clients or somebody else will! 

Too many big companies forget it is you that pays their wages, keeping you hanging on in impersonal call centre queues, we do not.  You will only receive advice personally from us two.  Yes, you will speak to our handpicked, friendly staff too, but it is Joanne and Ashley only that will advise you.  It is in both your interests and of course ours, as the business owners, to make sure you get the best financial advice possible.

Move Mountains For You

Our business model is very simple.  If we 'move mountains' to do our very best for you, our client i.e. treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves as consumers, you will tell others about how happy you are with our service.  It is that simple.

Save Money but Best Advice:

We specialise in discount/low cost remote, online and telephone advice with offices in the Midlands and London also with representatives who can meet face to face with you in Scotland, Northern Ireland, France and Spain. We charge fixed fees only so that you can be confident that there is absolutely no bias towards a particular product, service or investment company (and of course more of your hard earned money stays in funds rather than disappearing in charges).

A sharp suited salesman in your living room with a nice car or a plush, marbled office does not mean an adviser is any good. gets you to us, long established, multi-award winning Chartered Financial Planners at lower cost, via computer, telephone or webcam.  We do offer a face to face service, but you can save a further 25% by using our non-face to face service.

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Treating Customers Fairly: 

As previously mentioned, we treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves. Yes, we have won awards but we too are plagued by useless texts from claims companies, spam emails and people who are not entirely trustworthy when they quote us for goods, services, building work etc.  We are just a normal family business that will treat you the way we want to be treated ourselves.

Your money is a very private, personal matter, you need to tell your financial adviser very private things that perhaps even your family or best friend does not know.  Do you really trust a % based adviser or commission based 'no advice' bank salesman to act in your best interests or would you prefer to get to know an award winning adviser and only use them when you are satisfied you can trust them? 

  • Family Business: Set up in the millenium year 2000, owned and run by husband and wife team Joanne Roberts and Ashley Clark.
  • Highly Qualified - Chartered Financial Planners - Amongst the highest qualified financial advisers in the UK.
  • Award Winning Advice - 35+ National and International Awards
  • Unbiased: We offer advice and access to whole of the financial services market.  We offer fee based advice to remove all bias.
  • UK and Expats: These sites are for UK nationals in the UK and the International Channel for UK expats living overseas
  • 100% Nil Commission and Fixed Fees Advice to make your money work harder for you.  Lower charges means more money kept in your investments.

Administration and Head Office:South West: 1 Stret Constantine, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 1GH. 01637 838260
Midlands and North: Prosperity House, Water Street, Burntwood, Staffordshire, WS7 1AN. 01543 677444
London and South East: Gainsborough House, 2 Sheen Road, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1AE.  020 8144 7620


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