March 2017
bank_licence_list_investor_compensation.jpg Compensation Calculations Change
Compensation Calculations Change Just over a week ago the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued proposals for changing the way investment compensation calculations are worked out for claims against financial advisers where unsuitable advice is given on defined benefit/salary related pension scheme transfers. Way back in the 1990s there was a huge miss-selling ...
24 Mar 2017
UK_state_pension_age_table.jpg State Pension Age To Hit 70
State Pension Age To Hit 70 As predicted by us, the John Cridland report into increasing State Pension Ages has been published today and suggests an increase in State Pension Age to age 70 years. As per previous reviews, the issue for State Pension fairness across generations needed to address: Life expectancy Challenges faced ...
23 Mar 2017
investment.jpg FTSE Tumbles on Strong Pound
FTSE Tumbles on Strong Pound. As predicted by us yesterday, with a huge increase in inflation, the UK stock market has taken a fall and we expect the same for the rest of the week. High inflation piles pressure on the Bank of England to increase interest rates. This will make the pound ...
22 Mar 2017
babyface.jpg Tax Free Childcare Launched
Tax Free Childcare Launched The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has today confirmed the launch of its new Childcare Choices website. The website is designed to help parents get government support for child care. The Tax free child care scheme starts on 28th April with further enhancement in September How Tax-Free Childcare works Parents ...
22 Mar 2017
national_savings.jpg Inflation Increase Affect
Inflation Increase Affect. Latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has found that inflation has crashed over the Government target trend growth rate (2.0% pa) to hit 2.3% pa in February. In January, inflation stood at 1.8% pa in January and has jumped by 0.5% pa, to 2.3% pa, its ...
21 Mar 2017
executor_of_a_will.jpg Excluded From Will View
Excluded From Will View. We have covered on this website a number of times, and it has been National news this week, the story of the lady Heather Ilot who was excluded from her mother’s will despite trying to reconcile with her and then originally awarded £50,000 from the estate by ...
17 Mar 2017
national_insurance_2013_14.jpg NI Increases Scrapped
NI Increases Scrapped. In an embarrassing u-turn, the Government has withdrawn plans to increase National Insurance Contributions for the self-employed. The cost to the Government is projected at around £0.5bn per year. That’s a lot of NHS staff, care costs, school places etc. Given though that the Government is already saving billions elsewhere, ...
15 Mar 2017
budget_2017.jpg Budget 2017
Budget 2017. 8th March 2017 delivered by Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt. Hon. Phillip Hammond MP. We focus on the small print the Chancellor never raised, some behind the scenes impact and snippets that may not have headlined by popular media but do affect you. Budget 2017 State PensionBudget 2017 Expect Council ...
9 Mar 2017
budget_2017.jpg Budget 2017 State Pension
Budget 2017 State Pension Age Review The Budget Report confirmed that the Government has appointed John Cridland to report to them by the 7 May 2017 a review on State Pension Ages. You may remember in that last round of State Pension Age increases, the Government confirmed that there would be regular reviews ...
9 Mar 2017
budget_2017.jpg Budget 2017 Expect Council Tax Rises
Budget 2017 Expect Council Tax Rises Reading in between the lines of the Budget report, we looked at future Government subsidies planned for local councils. There is a dramatic reduction in planned local government subsidies for the next 3 years. £8.2bn for current tax year 2016/17 £6.5bn in 2017/18 £5.5bn in 2018/19 £5.4bn in 2019/20 This is a ...
9 Mar 2017
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