April 2017
putting_your_will_off.jpg Probate Fees U Turn For Now
Probate Fees U Turn For Now. The Ministry of Justice has suspended plans to increase probate fees next month. The planned increases were from a flat fee of either £0 (estates below £5,000), £155 (application via solicitor) and £215 (personal application with no legal representative). Value of estate (before inheritance tax deducted) Proposed Probate Fees Up ...
21 Apr 2017
income_tax.jpg Tax Hikes Not Ruled Out
Tax Hikes Not Ruled Out. Chancellor Phillip Hammond has been criticised by other parties and the popular press for refusing to rule out tax rises in the future by suggesting that the Government needs flexibility on the same. This follows the Conservative Manifesto promise two years that they would not increase ...
21 Apr 2017
financial_advice_service.jpg Streamlined Financial Advice
Streamlined Financial Advice. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has published its first implementation plan paper following its Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR). FAMR explores explore ways in which the Government, the industry and regulators can stimulate the development of a market which delivers affordable and accessible financial advice and guidance to everyone, ...
20 Apr 2017
investor_compensation.jpg Compensation Levies May Increase Advice Fees
Compensation Levies May Increase Advice Fees. The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has today published its final levy for 2017/18 at £363m. What many people do not know, it is not the Government the foots compensation bills for failed banks, pensions, investment or insurance firms, it is regulated financial firms themselves that ...
12 Apr 2017
investmarket_market_update.jpg March Inflation Figures
March Inflation Figures The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has today published yearly inflation figures for March 2017. Consumer Prices Index (CPI) for March came in unchanged from February 2017 at 2.3%pa. The blame is laid with a weak pound affecting prices for: Food Alcohol Tobacco Clothing Footwear As well as other miscellaneous goods and services. The old measure of ...
11 Apr 2017
unregulated_expatriate_advice.jpg Fake Financial Ombudsman Warning
Fake Financial Ombudsman Warning. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), the complaints handling service for disputes between clients and financial firms, has issued a warning to consumers to be on the lookout for fraudulent calls. In a release today, the FOS suggests consumers are getting called by scammers purporting to be from the ...
11 Apr 2017
national_savings.jpg National Savings Guaranteed Bond Live
National Savings Guaranteed Bond Live. NS&I has confirmed that their Investment Guaranteed Growth Bonds are now available. These were confirmed by the Chancellor in the Autumn Budget Statement in November 2016. Application Availability: 12 months from today Minimum Investment: £100 Maximum Investment: £3,000 Minimum Age: 16 years old Interest Rates: 2.20% gross/AER. Fixed Rate Period: 3 years For more ...
11 Apr 2017
isa.jpg 8 Per Cent on ISAs
8 Per Cent on ISAs. Yesterday saw the launch of ‘peer to peer’ lending being allowed as an investment in your ISA. Some Peer to Peer lenders are offering ISA wrappers with returns of between 7% and 9% pa. If you are interested the same, search online. Comment Beware the risks: Peer to Peer lending ...
7 Apr 2017
tax_advice_financial_advice.jpg 17 Tax Changes To Watch Tax Year 2017
List 17 Tax Changes To Watch Tax Year 2017/18. It’s a new tax year tomorrow, so we thought we would give you a list of things that may affect you immediately: Personal Allowance increases to £11,500 from £11,000. Threshold Earnings for 40% income tax rises to £45,000 from £43,000 (England, Northern Ireland, Wales). ...
5 Apr 2017
endowment.jpg Credit Card Interest Could Be Wiped Off
Credit Card Interest Could Be Wiped Off. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today proposed new rules to help consumers with long term credit card debt problems. They have used the term ‘persistent’ debt and defined that as follows: Over an 18th month period you have paid more in interest and charges than ...
3 Apr 2017
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